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Listen to me – we hate her. We hate her more than the head choppers, the mercenaries, militias, torturers and all those who swear allegiance to the death cult. She must bear the guilt of them all. She cannot be allowed to return here.

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Why do you judge her so harshly?

She is a witch. She never smiles and she dresses from head to toe in black. Doesn’t she look like a witch to you?

She has lost her tiny baby. Do you not feel for her?

How could any baby have survived swaddled under those thick, black clothes she wears? I tell you what I think – the baby suffocated in the evil which surrounds her like a cold fog. Surely you must agree? You have heard her speak. She has shown no mercy to others, so why should we show mercy? She ought to be burned at the stake, or at the very least incarcerated in a deep dungeon in some far flung corner of the earth.

Why can she not face justice here?

What? You think she should return to walk our streets? She is beyond the point of return, do you not understand? We have tried her in the court of public opinion and she has been found guilty. She has shown no remorse. She is a monster.

Our justice system is the envy of the world. She will be made to face her crimes.

Can you not hear? We will not have her back here. She is a danger to us all. Do you not care for your own children – or perhaps you have none?

I have two.

Do you neglect them?

Of course not.

 You are good mother?

 Certainly I try.

She is a bad mother. Even you can see that. She lost her previous children, as you will have read – if you have done your homework, that is. To lose one child is sad, to lose a second is careless, to lose a third is reckless. She made others suffer and now she too must suffer. We cannot show mercy to those who are merciless.

 What of our mercy? The babies did not deserve to suffer.

 Those babies were the spawn of the devil.

 So, you believe in original sin?

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